Gerry Atkinson is a photojournalist with a background and research interest in social documentary photography. She studied at Leicester University, the London College of Communication and the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in England, the Philippines and New Zealand and her work has been published internationally in newspapers, magazines and brochures and is held in private collections.

Gerry Atkinson’s interest in social documentary photography began in the 1990’s when she started recording the Thatcher era of political protests and demonstrations. She travelled for eighteen months with an NGO to remote regions in the Cordillera Mountains in the Philippines recording the lives of indigenous women for an audiovisual ‘Weaving our own Dreams’. She lived in New Zealand for four years working for newspapers, recording daily life and events. On returning to London she organised a collaborative project with people with complex mental health problems to produce ‘Through the Lens’ documentary photography exhibition. Her recent work, ‘Shades of Other Lives’ (2010) is a documentary series of windows at night, developed in reference to Labour Party comments in 1997that We are all middle class now”.Viewers are asked to think about whether this is true, what does Middle Class mean, is it a question of money, education, taste or style?Are we still judged on social class and can we tell what it is anymore?

For the last ten months she has been travelling in the Czech Republic, Greece, South Africa and New Zealand, documenting everyday life on the streets and working on freelance photojournalism features. She is now living back in London and working on a book of her current work.

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